Thursday, 31 May 2007


A great little video, that just has to be shared. How many songs can you identify?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

East 17- 'Outside is raining but inside is wet'

Oh how we laughed at the East 17 reunion documentary screened on Channel 4 last night, questions were asked as to whether 10 years had really past as they hadn't changed one bit.

East 17 certainly put the 'Chav' in the charts, but how were they to, as they hoped, take on the likes of Take That, particularly after only a gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire followed by a night club appearance without lead song writer Tony Mortimer. Such a 'reunion' pails in insignificance when considering the media hype and associated scramble for tickets for Barlow et al.

The East 17 documentary however, was riddled with humour. The ongoing banter between Mortimer and disgraced band member Brian Harvey, following comments on a radio interview that Harvey condoned class A drug use, which ultimately was responsible for the groups demise.

Suffice to say, the documentary did evoke memories of bomber jackets, oversized hats, boiler suits and theatrical records including 'Let it Rain', 'Stream' and 'Alright'.... and whilst the reunion gig crowd was made up of twenty-somethings rekindling childhood memories they again reminded me that at the time the records were popular, and in some instances well written.

Who can forget the 1994 Christmas number one 'Stay Another Day' or perhaps 'Gold'... another great record, I guess the documentary and the hopes of a come back go, like their discography must remain on the shelf, only to look back on in future and say.... at the time they were good.

Check out to compare East 17's back catalogue including The Platinum Collection from just £3.99 (inc P&P), The Very Best of East 17 from just £8.49 (inc P&P) and finally Resurrection from just £2.48

As for future releases.... well.

Festival De Cannes

Kicking start the blog only days after Cannes film festival, it is just a shame that we were not able to mingle on the red carpet and rub shoulders, not with independant film makers, but it appears, the rest of Hollywood and associated PR agencies who sought to use the festival as a 'platform' to plug the lastest Disney movie.

All things aside, Cannes has brought a wide genre of films to the spotlight of us who can only gaze at the television screeen over the 12-day fiesta on the French Riviera, but as Romanian film '4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days' by Cristina Mungiu scooped the Pal'me D'Or (the Golden Palm) we can only look forward to its general release.

But still, until then, there is always the ever growing catalogue of DVDs, it is only a question of whether we have the time to watch them all. Building up like a collection CDs, it is always nice to look back at old DVDs, especially when considering the inclimate weather the south east of England is currently experiencing.... um.... 12 days on the French Riviera does seem very appealing..