Wednesday, 31 October 2007

15% off at HMV: Expires Midnight 01/11/07

Get an extra 15% off almost everything at simply by entering the promo code: HMV036 at the checkout. Please note this offer is only available for Today and Tomorrow so forward it to your friends (Expires midnight on the 01/11/07).

You can’t get 15% off pre-orders, vouchers, downloads, consoles or mp3 players but everything else is up for grabs, and UK shipping is free too!

Remember to compare prices with first to ensure that HMV has the cheapest price for the item you are after, but don’t forget to factor in the 15% discount.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Movie Monday (03):

Ok, so it's Tuesday and the whole point of Movie Monday was to post cool movies on a Monday in order to inspire and ease us into the working week - but I think I ran a bit too fast on my jog this morning, and I feel a bit dizzy - so what the hell.

And I thought I would start with a question? So here goes...

Did you know you can now compare HD (Higher Definition) DVDs at

We are very pleased to have launched a new section enabling users to search and compare a enormous range of HD titles, which is accessible at

If you already have an HD player then we hope you find some inspiration in our recommended titles:

1. 300 (HD)
2. Batman Begins (HD)
3. 16 Blocks (HD)
4. Backdraft (HD)
5. Black Hawk Down (HD)

But if you are only going to buy 1 HD DVD this month, make it Planet Earth which is earmarked, without doubt as the most significant HD release to date!

Planet Earth, narrated by Sir David Attenborough takes a sprawling look at our world and its wildlife, sumptuously captured by the most technologically advanced cameras.
The crisp, colourful pictures of this HD release are most likely the closest you’ll get to visiting some of the remotest places on earth. Truly Superb.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Where have all the Wii's goes?

Looking to buy a Wii this Christmas? Well that might be tough as retailers are struggling to keep up with demand.

In our new section, entitled "The Battle of the Games Consoles" we mentioned that the Nintendo Wii was the worlds most popular console with more Wiis in the world than any other current console. And with this demand, retailers just cannot keep up.

In 2006 the BBC reported in their technology section of the frustration of gamers, and with Christmas '07 only weeks away, one can only hope that the distribution issues of last year get sorted out.

Retailers have been reported to cancel and refund order that they cannot honour, but that doesn't help the christmas shopper looking for the "worlds most popular console".

So what can you do... Well you could start by checking our Nintendo Wii page, where we have listed all the retailers for the Wii - and you can simply click on the 'More Info' tab to check availability.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

No blog post this week....

We are still here... everything is working except we've been busy comparing prices, designing new parts of the site and writing new features.

We'll have more Movie Monday, Midweek Reads and Stereo features just as soon as we can get some time.

Also, following the redesign of our homepage, you might noticed that some of the links posted on previous blog entries are no longer working. Rest assured we are working on rectifying this.

Have a lovely weekend, and if your Christmas shopping has started already.... make sure you are getting the best price.


Friday, 12 October 2007

Spiderman 3 DVD Trailer

After researching the latest Spiderman DVD, I came across this spoof trailer..

It claims:

"Spiderman 3 went way over budget, and to finish the film, producers had to use product placement to generate more money. Spiderman 3, starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, spins into theatres May 4. Sponsored by Doritos"....

Very funny indeed....

And now for the proper trailer....

Spiderman 3 is released on Monday (15th October) and is currently available to pre order. Click here for more info and to compare prices...

Radio One Live Lounge CD 1

There is something really special about cover versions, as the artist can reinterpret a song and add their own stamp to it. We've seen it recently to great effect with Mark Ronson's album Versions, but another absolutely blinding example is that of Radio One's Live Lounge CD.

Jo Whiley's Radio show has brought us some fantastic covers, including Keane's excellent performance of U2's With or Without You.

Other tracks included on the 2 CD album are:

Disk 1
* 1.DOA - with Foo Fighters
* 2.Love Machine - with Arctic Monkeys
* 3.Run - with Snow Patrol
* 4.Crazy - with The Kooks
* 5.Golden Touch - with Razorlight
* 6.Munich - with Corinne Bailey Rae
* 7.Gold Digger - with The Automatic
* 8.All Sparks - with Editors
* 9.Maneater - with Boy Kill Boy
* 10.No One Knows - with Queens Of The Stone Age
* 11.How Come - with Embrace
* 12.If There's Any Justice - with James Blunt
* 13.The Scientist - with Natasha Bedingfield
* 14.Molly's Chambers - with Kings of Leon
* 15.Frontin' - with Jamie Cullum
* 16.Livin' For The Weekend - with Sugababes
* 17.I Believe In A Thing Called Love - with Lemar
* 18.Hey Ya - with Will Young
* 19.Tied Up Too Tight - with Hard Fi
* 20.Songbird - with Oasis

Disk 2

* 1.The Scientist - with Coldplay
* 2.Smile - with Lily Allen
* 3.With Or Without You - with Keane
* 4.Other Side Of The World - with Kt Tunstall
* 5.What You Waiting For - with Franz Ferdinand
* 6.Family Portrait - with Pink
* 7.Ms Jackson - with Outkast
* 8.Hounds Of Love - with The Futureheads
* 9.Numb - with Jamelia
* 10.Jus A Rascal - with Dizzee Rascal
* 11.Nice Weather For Ducks - with Lemon Jelly
* 12.Dreaming Of You - with The Coral
* 13.In My Arms - with Mylo
* 14.Song 2 - with My Chemical Romance
* 15.Dreaming Of You - with The Coral
* 16.Gone Missing - with Maximo Park
* 17.Let's Push Things Forward - with The Streets
* 18.Romeo - with Basement Jaxx
* 19.Push The Button - with Orson
* 20.In Da Club - with 50 Cent

You can compare prices for this CD by visiting or clicking here:

Or if you would like some more information on both Jo Whiley and the Live Lounge part of her show, check out the official BBC website here:

Also: Live Lounge CD 2 is due to be released on 22nd October! But you can pre-order it now.
Click here to visit our website for more details:

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Halloween Horror Films

With Halloween just around the corner, we couldn't resist sharing our excellent feature on the Top 10 Horror Films... but you aren't going to find Scream or Scary Movie at the top of this list.. oh no.

When we stress the top 10, we believe it really is.

Click here for more info..... and have a happy Halloween.

Sisi from ITV's X Factor - Booted out... ah shame.

Sisi who was put into Hope (one of the bands formed from rejected solo singers by judges Simon Cowell and Louis Osborne), was booted out on Saturday following revelations that she could be arrested on live TV if cops saw her perform on future shows.

The South London girl is wanted for failing to finish her community service after being convicted of assault on a McDonald's worker, and after having the unfortunate experience of watching her over the course of the auditions it was hardly surprising that the charge would be assault.

Caption: With equally famous Charlie from Big Brother

You have to marvel at the wasted opportunity… getting to the final 3, only to be booted out, but of course, if this news of the world article is anything to go by, we can surely expect Sisi to milk her 15 minutes dry…

Image Source: Daily Mail

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Feist - The Reminder

Feist is an artist getting a bit of attension recently, but it's only a shame the rest of us didn't hear about her early. The Reminder, is her third full-length album, and its one I get involved with after hearing my tune of the summer which was the Boys Noize remix of My Moon My Man (which I've included at the end of this post). Every time I hear it, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end...

Expect really big things from this album, with tracks including 1,2,3,4 and especially the video appearing like they should belong on an advert for Gap - but don't let that get in the way of this outstanding feel good album, which is already charting as one of our 10 most popular CDs this week with prices starting at just £5.99!!!

Check out the "My Moon My Man" video below.

And heres 1,2,3,4

You can purchase her album The Reminder at or why not check out her website, which features more video content at:

And now for the Boys Noize remix... which is absolutely awesome... (sorry for the poor quality nightclub shot) -

MY tune of summer 2007...

Spice Girls Tickets

Just a quick post, which perhaps nobody will either bother reading - but due to phenomenal demand, the Spice Girls have added new dates to their reunion tour. Will this be as fantastic as that of the reunion of Take That? Well judging by the back catelogue, perhaps not.

Anyway, the new listings are as follows.

LONDON The O2 Arena - Tue 15 January

LONDON The O2 Arena - Wed 16 January

LONDON The O2 Arena - Fri 18 January

LONDON The O2 Arena - Sun 20 January

LONDON The O2 Arena - Tue 22 January

To buy tickets for SPICE GIRLS visit Ticket Master

Sunday, 7 October 2007

CGI, Pixar and Ratatouille

To tie in with the release of Pixar’s new title – Ratatouille - which sees wannabe chef ‘Remy’ the Rat team up with calamitous cook Liguini, we thought we would take a moment to chart the history of Pixar’s CGI titles.

But what does CGI mean?
In its basic form, CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery, however this simply does not give CGI justice. Especially with the immense development of CGI that we’ve seen over the last ten years.

Over the passed 12 years CGI ‘creator’ Ed Catmull and directory John Lasseter have helped Pixar generate almost $4bn at the box office, with the following titles:

1. Toy Story (1995) Box Office: $360.1m
“Cowboy Woody is put out by the arrival of new toy Buzz Lightyear”

2. A Bug’s Life (1998) Box Office: $361.8m
“Flik the ant recruits a bug army to defeat some hostile grasshoppers”

3. Toy Story 2 (1999) Box Office: $484m
“Buzz tries to rescue Woody, who has been stolen by a toy collector”.

4. Monsters, Inc (2001) Box Office: $523.7m
“Monsters Sully and Mike protect a little girl traps in Monstropolis”

5. Finding Nemo (2003) Box Office: $862.4m
“Epic story of a clown fish’s journey to rescue his son from a fish tank”

6. The Incredibles (2004) Box Office: $765m
“A family of undercover superhero’s come out of hiding to save the world”.

7. Cars (2006) Box Office: $461.9m
“A young race car realises there is more to life than winning races”

Perhaps the outlook for 2007’s Ratatouille is secure afternoon. It is just a shame that they felt the need to phonetically spell out the title – there is nothing like a bit of education with a movie is there?

Friday, 5 October 2007

Have you ordered anything this or last week?

Don’t despair if it still hasn’t arrived yet as with the current Royal Mail strike from the Communications Workers Union (CWU) has announced that normal service will resume by next Thursday, the 11th of October.

A statement on the Royal Mail website reads:

“The Communications Workers Union (CWU) has announced further strike action. Two 48-hour strikes are planned. The first will begin at lunchtime on Thursday 4th October and ends at lunchtime on Saturday 6th October. The second will begin in the early hours of Monday 8th October, ending in the early hours of Wednesday 10th October. Whilst deliveries will recommence on Wednesday 8th October, we anticipate it may take some time before normal service resumes”.

Let hope this all gets straighten out and normal service can resume as soon as possible, I’m not sure I can wait!

John Lennon photograph uncovered

This is what John Lennon (right) looked like during his teenage years. The 17-year-old Beatles legend is accompanied by his friend Nigel Walley. The photo, taken in 1958 and locked away in a cupboard for almost 50 years, emerged after an anonymous Beatles collector who bought the image at auction came forward.

Source: Telegraph

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Play dead - Bjork

It took an all male cover band at Brighton's joogleberry playhouse to remind me of this track... and how amazing it is.

I am not going to go on and on, because Play Dead, from Bjork's album 'Debut' really does speak for itself.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Midweek Read (2):

Welcome to the 2nd of our Midweek Read sections, where we explore some cookery and children's titles:

As ever you can compare the prices of these titles, simply by clicking on their respective titles.
1. Nigella Express – Nigella Lawson (Chatto & Windus)
Nigella offers a collection of super quick, super tasty recipes for every occasion.
2. Tana Ramsay’s Real Family Food – Tana Ramsay (Harpercollins)
Mrs Ramsay gives husband Gordon a run for his money in this cookery book full of mouth-watering recipes.
3. Blood Ties – Sam Hayes (Headline)
Prostitution, kidnapping, intrigue, abuse and murder: this psychological thriller is a perfect choice for fans of Jodi Picoult.
4. The Eddie Stobart Story - Hunter Davies (HarperCollins)
The definitive account of the members of an ordinary Cumbrian family who, through sheer hard work and entrepreneurism, turned a Cumbrian haulage company into an internationally recognised brand.
5. Slam – Nick Horby (Puffin)
The About a Boy author’s latest, aimed at a younger audience, is a funny, sensitive story about a teenage pregnancy.

6. Flanimals – Ricky Gervais (Faber and Faber)
The fourth children’s book in the series by funnyman Gervais is as cheekily irreverent as we’ve come to expect from him.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Radiohead Inrainbows

There has been a lot of hype this week about Radiohead not bothering signing with a record label but instead releasing their new album “Inrainbows” themselves, which is currently only available on pre-order from their website

They’re offering both a digital download and a discbox (a disc box being the new album on CD and vinyl, plus a second CD with more new songs) priced at £40 and will be posted on or before 3rd December, however I am sure you will find, like we have, that it is impossible to complete the transaction.

Despite all of the hype, including national radio promotion and a domain forwarding from the core Radiohead website one might question whether this is merely a a demonstration of non-conformity. Do Radiohead not want us to buy their music? or not want corporations to sell it? Because if they did, surely they would make the website more accessible, make the shopping cart more simple, and perhaps do away with the psychedelic graphic which is eating up bandwidth and causing web browsers to slow right down.

Or perhaps this is all a scam? Perhaps the Radiohead site has been hacked, and is merely a Phishing scam? Whatever it is, I hope they are able to do something about it, and soon, so we can start to enjoy whatever Radiohead are about to put out.

Here's the album track list - with links to awful YouTube clips, courtesy of the Guardian Blog.

1. 15 Step

2. Bodysnatchers

3. Nude

4. Weird Fishes/Arpegii

5. All I Need

6. Faust Arp

7. Reckoner

8. House of Cards

9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place

10. Videotape

Movie Monday (02):

Welcoming to week two of our 'Movie Monday' feature, where you’ll find some top titles and new releases, which are all available to compare. Don't forget all prices quoted are correct at 01/10/07 and include postage & packing!

1. The Lives of Others (15) – Ulrich Muhe, Sebastian Koch, Martina Gedeck
Last year’s winner of the Best Foreign Language Oscar is the grim sounding story of a secret policeman in 1980’s repressive East Germany who spies on a renowned playwright in the hope of exposing him as a traitor. But the office soon become’s intrigued by the writer’s life in ways he doesn’t expect.
Compared at: £11.97

2. Magicians (15) David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Jessica Stevenson
Peep show duo Mitchell and Webb are rival magicians in this Brit flick full of TV-star cameos. Admittedly it’s not a patch on Peep Show, but then nothing compares.
Compared at: £7.99

3. Perfect Stranger (15) Halle Berry, Bruce Willis
Reporter Berry goes undercover as a temp at Willis’ fancy ad agency to expose him as a murderer in this tech-y thriller.
Compared at: £11.89

4. Shaun the Sheep Shape up with Shaun (U) Shaun the Sheep
Eight Brand new animated adventures with Shaun from the award winning creators of Wallace and Gromit.
Compared at: £8.93

5. Factory Girl – Sienna Miller / Guy Pearce
Miller plays a (surprisingly) fantastic role as New York socialite Edie Sedgwick who befriends Andy Warhol and is subsequently made a movie star. What follows in this fictionalized story is her ultimate demise. Excellent casting. We recommend.
Compared at: £10.89

6. Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig and Eva Green
Introducing both James Bond before he holds his license to kill and Daniel Craig as the new Bond, Casino Royale (Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel) ditches the cheesy lines of earlier films and opts for a smoother and more ‘professional’ stance, that reminds me of BBC’s Spooks. Expect fast cars, free running and lots of high tech gadgets!
Compared at: £6.99