Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Where have all the Wii's goes?

Looking to buy a Wii this Christmas? Well that might be tough as retailers are struggling to keep up with demand.

In our new section, entitled "The Battle of the Games Consoles" we mentioned that the Nintendo Wii was the worlds most popular console with more Wiis in the world than any other current console. And with this demand, retailers just cannot keep up.

In 2006 the BBC reported in their technology section of the frustration of gamers, and with Christmas '07 only weeks away, one can only hope that the distribution issues of last year get sorted out.

Retailers have been reported to cancel and refund order that they cannot honour, but that doesn't help the christmas shopper looking for the "worlds most popular console".

So what can you do... Well you could start by checking our Nintendo Wii page, where we have listed all the retailers for the Wii - and you can simply click on the 'More Info' tab to check availability.

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