Monday, 1 October 2007

Movie Monday (02):

Welcoming to week two of our 'Movie Monday' feature, where you’ll find some top titles and new releases, which are all available to compare. Don't forget all prices quoted are correct at 01/10/07 and include postage & packing!

1. The Lives of Others (15) – Ulrich Muhe, Sebastian Koch, Martina Gedeck
Last year’s winner of the Best Foreign Language Oscar is the grim sounding story of a secret policeman in 1980’s repressive East Germany who spies on a renowned playwright in the hope of exposing him as a traitor. But the office soon become’s intrigued by the writer’s life in ways he doesn’t expect.
Compared at: £11.97

2. Magicians (15) David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Jessica Stevenson
Peep show duo Mitchell and Webb are rival magicians in this Brit flick full of TV-star cameos. Admittedly it’s not a patch on Peep Show, but then nothing compares.
Compared at: £7.99

3. Perfect Stranger (15) Halle Berry, Bruce Willis
Reporter Berry goes undercover as a temp at Willis’ fancy ad agency to expose him as a murderer in this tech-y thriller.
Compared at: £11.89

4. Shaun the Sheep Shape up with Shaun (U) Shaun the Sheep
Eight Brand new animated adventures with Shaun from the award winning creators of Wallace and Gromit.
Compared at: £8.93

5. Factory Girl – Sienna Miller / Guy Pearce
Miller plays a (surprisingly) fantastic role as New York socialite Edie Sedgwick who befriends Andy Warhol and is subsequently made a movie star. What follows in this fictionalized story is her ultimate demise. Excellent casting. We recommend.
Compared at: £10.89

6. Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig and Eva Green
Introducing both James Bond before he holds his license to kill and Daniel Craig as the new Bond, Casino Royale (Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel) ditches the cheesy lines of earlier films and opts for a smoother and more ‘professional’ stance, that reminds me of BBC’s Spooks. Expect fast cars, free running and lots of high tech gadgets!
Compared at: £6.99

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