Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Sisi from ITV's X Factor - Booted out... ah shame.

Sisi who was put into Hope (one of the bands formed from rejected solo singers by judges Simon Cowell and Louis Osborne), was booted out on Saturday following revelations that she could be arrested on live TV if cops saw her perform on future shows.

The South London girl is wanted for failing to finish her community service after being convicted of assault on a McDonald's worker, and after having the unfortunate experience of watching her over the course of the auditions it was hardly surprising that the charge would be assault.

Caption: With equally famous Charlie from Big Brother

You have to marvel at the wasted opportunity… getting to the final 3, only to be booted out, but of course, if this news of the world article is anything to go by, we can surely expect Sisi to milk her 15 minutes dry…

Image Source: Daily Mail

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