Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Movie Monday (03):

Ok, so it's Tuesday and the whole point of Movie Monday was to post cool movies on a Monday in order to inspire and ease us into the working week - but I think I ran a bit too fast on my jog this morning, and I feel a bit dizzy - so what the hell.

And I thought I would start with a question? So here goes...

Did you know you can now compare HD (Higher Definition) DVDs at cDVDs.co.uk?

We are very pleased to have launched a new section enabling users to search and compare a enormous range of HD titles, which is accessible at http://www.cdvds.co.uk/dvd/hddvds.php

If you already have an HD player then we hope you find some inspiration in our recommended titles:

1. 300 (HD)
2. Batman Begins (HD)
3. 16 Blocks (HD)
4. Backdraft (HD)
5. Black Hawk Down (HD)

But if you are only going to buy 1 HD DVD this month, make it Planet Earth which is earmarked, without doubt as the most significant HD release to date!

Planet Earth, narrated by Sir David Attenborough takes a sprawling look at our world and its wildlife, sumptuously captured by the most technologically advanced cameras.
The crisp, colourful pictures of this HD release are most likely the closest you’ll get to visiting some of the remotest places on earth. Truly Superb.

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