Monday, 1 October 2007

Radiohead Inrainbows

There has been a lot of hype this week about Radiohead not bothering signing with a record label but instead releasing their new album “Inrainbows” themselves, which is currently only available on pre-order from their website

They’re offering both a digital download and a discbox (a disc box being the new album on CD and vinyl, plus a second CD with more new songs) priced at £40 and will be posted on or before 3rd December, however I am sure you will find, like we have, that it is impossible to complete the transaction.

Despite all of the hype, including national radio promotion and a domain forwarding from the core Radiohead website one might question whether this is merely a a demonstration of non-conformity. Do Radiohead not want us to buy their music? or not want corporations to sell it? Because if they did, surely they would make the website more accessible, make the shopping cart more simple, and perhaps do away with the psychedelic graphic which is eating up bandwidth and causing web browsers to slow right down.

Or perhaps this is all a scam? Perhaps the Radiohead site has been hacked, and is merely a Phishing scam? Whatever it is, I hope they are able to do something about it, and soon, so we can start to enjoy whatever Radiohead are about to put out.

Here's the album track list - with links to awful YouTube clips, courtesy of the Guardian Blog.

1. 15 Step

2. Bodysnatchers

3. Nude

4. Weird Fishes/Arpegii

5. All I Need

6. Faust Arp

7. Reckoner

8. House of Cards

9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place

10. Videotape

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