Thursday, 16 August 2007

Max Power at the movies - The Transformers Movie

Max Power magazine is what was brought to mind as I sat through Transformers at the cinema last night. Having been charged £6.80 for a pleasure I had hoped that the cartoon adaptation would be worth waiting for, but not the cheesy line/ plot ensemble that as far as I am concerned wasted my evening.

Have you ever bitten a metal spoon? Horrible feeling isn’t it? Well with the continuous metal on metal transformer fight sequences you will probably, like me, need a lay down to recover.

A heard a review from BBC Radio 1’s James King that Transformers was about cars and breast, and it was exactly that….

The following statements sum it up for me.
1. Needy Boy
2. Glamour Model
3. Fast Cars

I am sure you will agree…. Max Power all over….

The movie can be praised for it’s special effects, but it’s just a shame that more attention wasn’t paid to the weaker areas of the film, particularly if tickets are going to hover around £7 a go. But of course, with it being the summer holidays, will kids be happy with anything?

One question remains as I reflect on the cheesy one-liners from main goodformer Optimus Prime… shame on you, but was the cartoon always this bad? Or am I viewing them in rose tinted spectacles?

cDVDs Advice: Wait for the DVD.

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