Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Worst Album?

Only in our opinion of course, but we are to go out on a limb and cast judgement on what we believe to be the worst commercial pop album in existence. We choose the term ‘commercial’ as it is not a release that blends in with the other releases or indeed goes quietly, but it is one that is constantly promoting on prime time television slots in addition to booming out of stationary modified cars, outside branches of Halfords up and down the country.

This blog entry was stimulated in part by having to endure the hard dance 4/4 beats of Cascada via a mobile phone speaker from some helpful fello on the back seat of the bus today, luckily however, it was only a short journey, but perhaps we should have given him the Krafty Kuts CD we had just bought, would that have pointed him in the right direction for next time?

Cascada perhaps fits in with the ‘sex orientated’ approach to music, merely an object of marketing, conforming to the dominant expectation of attractive women, particularly so in leotards and sweatbands much like the Eric Prydz ‘Call on Me’ video, but are we merely to accept anything as long as it is packaged with fake tan, Hollywood hair and gym membership?

But then who are we to judge? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it still remains that there is so much ‘quality’ music out there, and indeed a wide range of genres; it is only beyond me that, in the words of Banksy…. “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this….”
Casada is not a bad singer mind, it’s only a shame she can’t lose the drums….. but are we missing the point?

The Krafty Kuts CD we got our hands this week was ‘These are the Breaks’. Having conducted a comparison on cDVDs.co.uk is it available from £10.99 and just for good measure here is the ‘Call on Me’ video…. Sweaty!

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