Friday, 20 July 2007

Compare: Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

It appears that you can't go anywhere withour hearing the infectious "Acceptable in the 80's" from scottish electronic artist Calvin Harris, and despite being somewhat cheesy and pop friendly he has maintained a solid reputation as a producer and artist.

Whilst concern has been aired that his debut single would be one hit wonder, his album "I Created Disco" and earlier release "The Girls", certainly put an end to speculation.

I Created Disco - titled to provoke a reaction of "no he didn't", is the debut album from Harris and it's clear influences range from the likes of Prince, Daft Punk and LCD soundsystem.

It was released in the UK on the 18th June 2007 and features the following tracks:

1. Merrymaking At My Place
2. Colours
3. This Is The Industry
4. Girls
5. Acceptable In The 80s
6. Neon Rocks
7. Traffic Cops
8. Vegas
9. I Created Disco
10. Disco Heat
11. Vault Character
12. Certified
13. Love Souvenir
14. Electro Man

Having compared the prices of 50 retailers, you can get your hands on a copy of I Created Disco for just £6.99 including postage and packing

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