Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Movie Monday (01):

Welcome to the first of our new weekly 'Movie Monday' features, which aims to explore new DVD releases and 'Must See' titles.

As ever you can compare the prices of these titles, simply by clicking on their respective titles, and we’ll instantly go to over 40 top retailers including Amazon, HMV, Play, SendIt and Selections.

1. Becoming Jane (PG) – Anne Hathaway / James McAvoy
This tale of Austen’s (Hathaway) affair with Irish Lawyer Lefroy (McAvoy) is deeply moving by may upset purists.

2. 28 Weeks Later (18) – Robert Caryle / Catherine McCormack
The 28 Days Sequel delivers even more zombie attacks and military mayhem. Not for the Squeamish.

3. Sunshine (15) Cillian Murphy / Chris Evans
A team of astronauts have to kick-start the dying sun in this gripping sci-fi tale from Trainspotting director Danny Boyle.

4. Factory Girl (15) Sienna Miller / Guy Pearce
Sienna plays 60’s It girl Edie Sedgwick who famously befriended Andy Warhol before descending into drug addiction.

5. This is England (18) Thomas Turgoose / Stephen Graham
Coming-of-age tale from director Shame Meadows about a young boy who falls with a band of skinheads in the 1980’s. Must see.

6. The Painted Veil (12) Naomi Watts / Edward Norton
A dramatic tale of infidelity and love, as Norton drags adulterous wife Watts to a cholera-ridden village in China.

7. Shooter (15) Mark Wahlberg / Danny Glover
Elite sniper Wahlberg is framed for assassination and must take matters into his own hands in his fight for justice.

8. Curse of the Golden Flower (15) Gong Li / Chow Yun-Fat
Think house of flying daggers but with more incest and less fighting, as an empress battles a controlling ruler.

9. Skins (18)
3 DVD boxset of E4’s teen tales of vodka, vomit, virginity smashing and house parties….. The perfect opportunity to catch up before the new series.

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