Sunday, 16 September 2007

Revised: Mercury Music Prize Nominations - Now Sorted

Ok... so we launched a page, raved about it, blog about it and let our friends know wht we had done. But did we check the code? was everything working at it should?


A big thank you to Steve for the email, we'll try and get you a CD sent out to you as per my reply. Might we recommend Chromophobia by Gui Boratto? (minimal/ electro) - It's outstanding.

The Mercury Music Prize Nominations section is now sorted, properly. The Games section is live, properly, and the Wii buttons are working, properly.

Perhaps it was all the excitement of Brighton's new nightclub Digital and the launch last night, or perhaps we just took on too much - whatever the reason, we are sorry if we let you down.

Rest assured that next week will bring more behind the scenes work, which we'll check and check again, before blogging about it.


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